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The Journey To Sustainable Food

I was never interested in food, well other than eating it, until a few years ago. I started reading blogs about folks choosing to live in more sustainable ways, and much of these folks were attempting to grow their own food.

As I researched the state of food in our country I quickly learned how the majority of what we eat is processed. As a society we have moved away from fresh healthy food, in exchange for convenience.

Reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan furthered my understanding of how much our food system in America has changed. Government subsidies have made commodity crops very cheap, resulting in an influx of products on the grocery isle that are variations of these products. They usually aren’t very health, but they are convenient and cheap, so we eat them.

So what if we as consumers began to ask for better food? Each time we purchase food we are voting for what we want. If we buy cheap unhealthy food then producers will continue to provide it. If we want healthy, local food, then vote with your dollars. Unlike commodity crop farmers, small farmers don’t receive federal subsidies for growing great food. In order to survive, local communities must support their local farmers.

Our Farm

We are a small farm situated on ten acres in the hills of Fruitland, Idaho. Our goal is to provide our community with unadulterated, chemical and antibiotic free food.

We are attempting to mimic how farmers lived prior to the exhaustive growth of industrial agriculture. Consequently, we don’t just focus on a few commodity products. Rather, we raise and grow a wide variety of animals and produce.

This diversification allows us to manage our land as a diverse and natural ecosystem, with the added benefit of producing many income streams on a small acreage.

This philosophy also supports our local economy. Why purchase produce from California, or beef from Colorado, when they can be raised right here in the Treasure Valley?

Our Name

Bare Root has two meanings on our farm. First, it is representative of aquaponics, growing plants without the use of soil. Secondly, it speaks to our philosophy of taking farming back to the basic essence of creating fresh unadulterated food. Our food is bare. No preservatives. No chemicals. No antibiotics. No fillers. Just 100% real food.