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We raise Lowline Angus cattle. Similar to the black angus that many in our area raise, the lowlines have been bred to maintain their smaller stature, making them better suited for small acreages.

Grass Fed All Natural Beef

Antibiotic Free | Chemical Free | GMO Free | Corn & Soy Free

Why Antibiotic Free?

80% of all antibiotics used in the United States are given to the animals we eat, resulting in increases in antibiotic resistance.

Our animals are healthy because they live like animals should.

Why Chemical Free?

Who wants to eat chemicals?

Why GMO Free?

We don’t need GMO’s to produce excellent quality forage for our cows. So why use them? They cost more and rely heavily on toxic chemicals.

Why Corn & Soy Free?

Cows are ruminants, biologically designed to eat grass.

Some years ago producers discovered they could feed cows corn, which because of government subsidies, is very inexpensive. Corn makes cows gain weight quickly, and is often used in the weeks prior to butchering. This provides more money to the producers.

Unfortunately, since cows aren’t made to eat corn, some issues arise. A grain diet increases the levels of bad fats in the meat. Even worse, cows finished on grain have higher incidences of e-coli.