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Pastured Pork

American Guinea Hogs are a heritage breed, meaning they have been in existence for a long time. During the 1800’s American Guinea’s were very popular in the Southeast, but with the rise of confinement based agriculture, many of the smaller breeds became less popular.

In the last decade the breed was considered to be in critical status, with fewer than 150 mating pairs known to exist. With the increasing popularity of the homestead movement, however, more folks are seeing the value of the breed.

American Guinea Hogs

Benefits of American Guinea Hogs

Size: Roughly half the size of most hogs, weighing on average 250 – 300 pounds. For a typical family, a whole hog is the perfect amount of meat for the freezer.

Personality: They are very friendly and docile. This doesn’t matter when living in a confinement operation, but when on small acreage around other animals and children, this trait is very important.

Food: They are natural grazers and love to forage. Originally most were let out around the farm to forage for themselves. Unlike most other hogs, American Guinea’s thrive on pasture.

Flavor: Heritage breads in general taste much better than what you but in the store. Add the flavor imparted by grazing pasture and you have a real winner.

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Grass Fed Pasture Raised All Natural Pork