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Our chickens live the good life. Unlike large commercial producers, our chickens live outside, breathing clean air and eating fresh grass and bugs. As a result our eggs and meat are packed with flavor and nutrients.

Our egg layers spend each day roaming on pasture, returning to the coop each night. Our broilers are raised in chicken tractors, also grazing on fresh pasture each day. All our birds are fed a locally produced non-gmo feed.

Until a couple years ago, our family always purchased the cheapest eggs in the store, often just 99 cents. I had never eaten a true farm fresh egg. When I did, everything changed.

If you haven’t experienced the rich flavor and deep yokes of pastured eggs, you are truly missing out.

Once you taste the difference you will never want a traditional store bought egg again!

Cage Free | Antibotic Free | Hormone Free | GMO Free